Sterling Bath Bombs - Champagne Shimmer

Champagne Shimmer Bath Bomb

Say “cheers” to this bath bomb! Treat your senses to a bubbly blend of champagne and grapefruit as shea butter, aloe, and epsom salts get your skin party-ready!

Sterling Ring Size Candle - ORANGE BLOSSOM & POMEGRANATE

Add a trace of luxury into the air with a fruity blend of California’s signature orange blossom flowers, juicy pomegranates and a hint of vanilla.

Sterling Bath Bombs - Peach & Mango

This bath time love potion was made to stir up passions and excite your senses. Drift into a romantic state of bliss and enjoy the sweet aromas of juicy apricot, white peach and pink peonies.

Cranberry Vanilla Candle

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special!

Apple Cinnamon Vanilla Candle

Find a mouthwatering medley of apples and warm cinnamon topped with notes of vanilla bean.

Coconut Vanilla Candle

Jewelry Shipping Fragrance Embrace a blissful escape right from home! This creamy coconut and sweet vanilla scent evokes memories of island fruits and ocean bre


Fill your home with this classic scent of sun-dried linens. The familiar, fresh and crisp scent will embrace and comfort you just like your favorite white T-shirt.