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Aleshea Kemp

Aleshea Kemp
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Can you break my bones? Will you tear my skin? Can you taste my lust? Can you feel my sin? See I'm a waste of life. I should just kill myself. Yeah, I could slit my wrists, but it really wouldn't help. Wouldn't fix my issues, or change your mind. Cause I broke your heart, and you buried mine. Now I'm 6 feet deep and I can't breathe. I got dirt in my eyes. And blood on my sleeves. But I dig my way up through these roots and leaves. So I can get some air. So I can finally breathe. -Broken by…

(Levi): Dear rabbit, my legs are getting weak. chasing you. And the snowfields. Wouldn't seem so big, if you knew. That this blood on my teeth, it is far beyond dry. And I've captured you once, but it wasn't quite right. So I'm tellin' you.

The Witcher 3 sketch!

Amazing String Art Pattern Ideas00009

If you are a creative person then it is a great medium to show your creativity. You can make almost anything out of string art pattern and that looks amazing at the end.