10 ways to calm a class after lunch or recess

Strategies for calming your class after an exciting break like an assembly, lunch, or recess or calm kids after school before homework time!

Secondary emotions worksheet.

Anger Iceberg

All anger (in adults & children alike is unexpressed pent up emotions & feelings)Understanding & identifying the hidden drivers to start to deal with this extreme fight or flight response. The anger iceberg.

10 Activities and You Tube Songs to Explore Emotions

This pin is about food and how this can negatively or positively affect your stress levels. This relates to the topic of stress because food can actually impact a person's stress levels. We pinned this because food is a quick and easy way to help deal with stress.

The Best Foods for Body & Brain

Got a student starting college? Looking for brain food? This handy info graphic offers best bites for studying, sleep, managing stress and more. Did you eat well in college or not?

Strategies for Strengthening Inhibitory Control. Inhibitory control is the ability to suppress the processing or expression of information that would disrupt the efficient completion of the goal at hand. Excellent for children with ADHD and/or Autism. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/sostherapy/.

Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

27 Life Changing iPhone and iPad Apps for People with Brain Injury

but worth pinning if I ever manage to get one :) 27 Life Changing iPhone and iPad Apps for People with Brain Injury

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Zones of Regulation "Cootie Catcher" (could change content) help kids remember feeling words and specific regulation skills