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Alex Sutton
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bed fan - I need this!

Wireless Bed Fan - Kicking the sheets to the end of the bed? Try Bed Fan. It tucks between the top and bottom sheets to cool your body(the source of the heat)instead of the entire house. You can turn off the AC and save on cooling costs.

ColdBloodArt #2 Dark - $55.

This is completely different in context to the other mask. It looks crushed and damaged as though the character is extremely bad and evil. As though he has been in an old collapsed derelict house. This relates well to my film idea.

darkfin gloves

For those of us who can't swim like Arthur Curry or Mark Harris there are Darkfin Gloves. Originally designed for watersports (swimming, diving, surfing), Darkfins are latex webbed gloves that increase the surface area of your hand by

Tanto Sinao Karambit, Bladetricks Original hand made knives

Best knife maker toughest blades custom karambit tomahawk maker tactical edc outdoor combat fighting self defense tool.