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You CAN'T NOT pin this!!!!

Bacon is a fandom, alright?<--I LOVE BACON SO LOOK MUCH! BACON IS A FANDOM!< can we start a bacon fandom?<--- i think we already did<<<officially part of the bacon fandom. <<<<<<< Totally part of the bacon fandom

Tbh I only pinned this to my board "Useful?" because that way it can spread to other people so anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts can see how many people care about them<<Well it's nice to know strangers care.

This is so sad please share to stop tjis vilocance and make this man immbracisted for what he did

Please share and help identify this monster :: Dog Lovers :: Groups ~~ This man is a monster! Share this pin to make others aware! Please help find this poor excuse for a man and human being!

If I Get 200 Likes.. I've Been Clean For 4 Months Now :) I Owe It To A lot Of You! You've Kept Me Strong Bbys<<<< Reblog this for this girl plz!!!

ιf тнιѕ gєтѕ ℓιкєѕ тнєи ι ρяσмιѕє ι ωιℓℓ. please help me tag if you want. i promise i'll stop, but not until tag as many people as possible!