Let's Give Him A New Home![VLOG]

Send some likes if you wanna see more Hey guys, kind of a short vlog this time, had tons of stuff to do lately, was nice though, so hope you Enjoyed.

New areas And More! [VLOG]

Send some like if you enjoyed this Took a trip today, decided to bring you along:) The shelby vlog isnt uploaded yet, will be in a few days, having s.


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Paladins Part #4: THIS CHICK IS OP.........DAM!

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Getting a new Keyboard? 5$ Airpods??[VLOG]

Send some likes if you guys are liking the vlogs Hey guys got a couple new things today, glad to bring you along for the ride! I got the new Logit.

Grad Photos? New channel updates?

Send some likes if you like the rough draft of the new Hey guys, got my grad photos today, some new changes coming to the channel so stay tuned!

Tech channel? PC Builds?

Send lots of love comments and likes if you actually want to see the tech channel Hey guys, had a couple thing son my mind, tell me what u think in t.

Wild Warfare Part #1: IM A RACOON!!

Send some likes and ill get some freinds together to Hey guys, you should check out this game, its really fun and great to play with some friends!

Fetts Fridays #7: Gerald, New monitor, Video management...(FT.Gerald the...

Fetts Fridays Gerald, New monitor, Video management.Gerald the.

MEET GERALD! Getting a fish!

Send some likes and Gerald will be in the fetts Hey guys, a nice vlog here, got some more coming, MEET GERALD!