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lunathic: “insanaty: “ livindavidaloki: “ His face… It’s his whole world just collapsed. ” HOW DO I UNINSTALL THESE FEELS ” ”

(previous pinner) "His face. he knows what he is and what Thor wants to do to his kind. He thinks being a frost giant will stop Thor from loving him." And so he acts out before Thor can. POOR LOKI :( I absolutely loved him in Thor.

consulting-meerkat: “ em1ree: “ talonsandwings: “ thebrigadier: “ #and you cry and your tears are also blood ” #AT WHICH POINT YOU REALIZE IT LOOKS LIKE HE’S MOUTHING “NO” IN THE LAST GIF AND PROMPTLY....

This gif makes me want to cry. This moment kinda started it all. Thanks you damn evil frost giant you had to go and douche up the whole movie and Loki's innocence.

Well that was the sound of my heart breaking. (A marvelous and heartbreaking fanfic from Lappe Lappe Lappe Lappe H ॐ )<--- noone reconicing loki holding mijonir?

I don't need these feels

(any wonder why Loki didn't want Thor to come back? :P Good job, Odin and Frigga, mighty fine work you've done! This made my feels die.

OMG SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN-----Hinata needs to be Phil and Kageyama needs to be Dan

I always imagined that he'd sound like Vic Mignogna (the voice actor who plays Tamaki Souh and Edward Elric) but I would probably cry tears of pure happiness if Oikawa was King Julian

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