Postcard Chocolate Bars

A collection of out Postcard Chocolate Bars!
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party in my mouth • white chocolate popping candy

Home :: Flavours :: Chocolate :: Party in My Mouth - White Postcard Chocolate Bar - Pop Rocks, Popping Candy, Sprinkles

matcha • white chocolate green tea

Matcha White Postcard Chocolate Bar by AlicjaConfections on Etsy

whatever! • milk chocolate cookies + cream

Milk chocolate and cookies Postcard Chocolate Bar. This is a milk chocolate bar swirled with white chocolate, cookie bits, with MORE cookies on top.

słodka sól • milk chocolate salted toffee

Milk chocolate bar with toffee bits and pink Himalayan salt Postcard Chocolate Bar. A little sweet, and little salty - it's truly a crowd pleaser.

ember island • dark chocolate chili

Dark chocolate and chili Postcard Chocolate Bar. Even people who have sworn they don't like chili chocolate love this bar.

cereal & milk • white chocolate cereal + marshmallows

White chocolate cereal and marshmallow Postcard Chocolate Bar. Imagine the left over milk from the sugary cereal you ate while watching Saturday morning cartoons!

the nicholas bar • milk chocolate potato chips

Home :: Flavours :: Chocolate :: The Nicholas Bar - Milk Postcard Chocolate Bar - Potato Chips, Salty Sweet, Bestseller