Blue Vancouver. Canada

Blue Vancouver by elvy. No filters, no Photoshop. This is the blue tone I get with a long exposure at twilight in this part of Vancouver. Some blue, in part, because I forgot to change the white balance from incandescent.

An Inukshuk in Nunavut, Canada...being Canadian makes me proud...

The compelling Inukshuk as photographed in Nunavut by George Lessard. A stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit as a landmark.

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1936 Canadian dot coins - Among the most valuable Canadian coins are the 1936 Canadian coin dot specimens. These coins are not only valuable in terms of market price but also of historical significance.

lol im Canadian I I just learned some stuff

Funny pictures about Insane facts about Canada. Oh, and cool pics about Insane facts about Canada. Also, Insane facts about Canada.

Beyond the Underground Railroad - Activities for Social Studies $

This is a set of activities designed to increase middle school students knowledge of what happened beyond the Underground Railroad and concentrates on the lives of four individuals who worked heroically to improve the lives of escaped and fugitive slaves.


Royal coat of arms of Canada. Have a look at more Canadian related designs here or brows through other coat of arms below.

This is a mis-quote. The general actually said, "All of the good indians I saw were dead." Sad history.

This is a mis-quote. The general actually said, "All of the good indians I saw were dead." Such a sad unforgivable history.

VJ Day celebrations in Vancouver's Chinatown in 1945 (33 Colourized Photos That Make Canadian History Come To Life)

Two Chinese boys standing in a crowd watching VJ Day celebrations in Chinatown [Jack Lindsay, Aug from City of Vancouver Archives]

French officers with their Indian allies, Seven Years War

Okay Probly one? Dying of laughter! The PRDH French-Canadian Geneaology database. This is an AMAZING resource! {must mention this to MIL for her Quebecois family history research}

In 1993 Kim Campbell became Canada's nineteenth prime minister, the first woman in Canadian history to hold the post. She had previously served as Minister of State for Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Justice Minister (again the first female in this position), and Minister of National Defence and Veterans' Affairs. She is one of only two women in the world who has participated in a G-7 Summit.

Avril Phaedra "Kim Campbell _ Prime Minister of Canada, and woman to hold this position.

Canada by Air Poster

Woodlands or aviation themed nursery.Canada by Air vintage travel poster ~ waterfalls, cabin, bi plane