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Why Would You Work For Free?

There will come a time in your career when you will be asked to work for free. This could be a request from a non profit organization low on resources but still in need of great imagery. Or, the ask might come from a friend who wants to call in a favour. Sometimes, the request can arrive via someone

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Essential Steps to Expand Your Network

Know who you want to meet , go to them, go where they are. Have a clearly defined person you are looking to present yourself to. Simply attending various networking events without clear objectives is leaving to much to random chance. LinkedIn is a great way to see what is happening, who’s who, and w

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How To Make Money Selling Stock

Increasing revenue should be a goal of any for profit business. Photography is no different. Maximizing revenue streams and earning potential has to be priority to grow, and scale up. One option open to all photographers is to sell stock images. Stock can be a business model unto itself. Or, it can

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Working With Assistants

There comes a time in our business ventures when we need the aid of assistants. Assistants to help with production. Assistants to take care of our media, also know as digital technicians or digi tech. There are assistants to run our studios. Assistants to help on location. Assistants to manage our s

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24 Do Not Do's of Photography Business

Do not solicit the clients of other photographers that you are working with as an assistant or as a second shooter. This will black list you within your local photo community and make people generally hate you. Do not pass out your business cards or other self-promotion materials when you are wor

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5 Powerful Books For Professional Photographers

The 48 Laws of Power - by Joost Elffers and Robert Greene The 48 Laws of Power forever changed the way I view other people's motives. A power volume of knowledge and insight into the ambitions of people. The character traits of the powerful and enterprising are illustrated through inter

10 Things I Love About Being a Commercial Photographer Professional Photography, Photography Tips, Commercial Photography, Articles, My Love, Fashion, Moda, La Mode, Photo Tips

10 Things I Love About Being a Commercial Photographer

July 4, 2004 was the date I registered Allen McEachern Photography as a business in Quebec. Looking back, I realized what it is that I love about commercial photography, and what has kept me going over the years. Here they are: 1. A Love of People. As a commercial photographer, I get to meet, col

  Professional Photography, Photography Tips, You Working, Articles, Concert, Free, Recital, Photo Tips, Concerts

Why Would You Work For Free?

There will come a time in your career when you will be asked to work for free. This could be a request from a non profit organization low on resources but still in need of great imagery. Or, the ask might come from a friend who wants to call in a favour. Sometimes, the request can arrive via someone

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The Rewards of Knowing Your Competitors

Photographers can be solitary, territorial people at times. Why? I'm not sure. But some photogs choose to be very guarded when it comes to interactions with other photographers. Personally, I never understood this. There are so many positives that come from knowing your competitors that the reasons

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How and When Referrals Happen

Generating word of mouth marketing is essential for establishing trust around you and your brand. The best vehicle for this type of marketing is referrals. You do a great job, deliver on all commitments, exceed expectations and are a pleasure to work for. Checking all of these boxes will make you re

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How to Contact Image Buyers

The two previous articles - Who Hires Photographers? 24 Titles to Look For and How To Research Image Buyers have set up what I will talk about today. How we actually get in contact with the image buyers we want to work with. We have identified who some of these people are. We have looke

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How To Research Image Buyers

Getting our work in front of the right people is key to winning contracts and growing our brands. Finding out who the people we need to contact are can be a challenge. Here are a few methods of tracking down the image buyers we all want to work with. (You might want to have a look at "Who Hir

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Who Hires Photographers? 24 Titles to Look For

Having a great portfolio website alone is not going to bring in the clients. As photographers we need to put ourselves and our work in front of the right people, at the right time in order to keep income flowing. Luckily, there are many ways to identify, research, and contact professional image buye

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How to Use Pinterest to Your Benefit

Mood Boards - I love to use Pinterest to create private client mood boards. Image buyers of all categories enjoy a visual cue that lets them know you are on the same page as them. There are so so many images on Pinterest that it is almost impossible to not find something. By doing an image search I

Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business Professional Photography, Photography Tips, Promote Your Business, Promotion, Articles, Photo Tips, Photography Business

Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Every business in the world wants to get the word out about how great their products and services are. Navigating the maze of marketing and promotion options available to us can be a challenge, not to mention expensive and time consuming. Here are a few low cost ways to promote your business,&nb