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West Coast Trail - Cable Car

This is one of several cable cars along the Trail. Some you can avoid by taking alternate routes or wading creeks that are running low. Others are less optional, like this one with an unpassable climb on one end.

one of the glorious ladders on the West Coast Trail

one of the glorious ladders on the West Coast Trail//Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

West Coast Trail B.C

Hanging bridge across Tsocowis Creek, West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (© Sergio Ballivian/Tandem Stock) –

West Coast Trail - Anchor

There are -- literally -- tonnes of flotsam from shipwrecks along the beaches of the Trail. it doesn't look like much, but this anchor is too heavy for even Olympic weightlifters to budge.

West Coast Trail, British Columbia, Canada

I'm so going to hike this trail someday!