looks like sask...:)

Isles of Scilly rat eradication to ‘save seabirds’ begins and Random Nature and Landscape Pictures

ooh, I love doing that!

Crushing ice…

Chocolate bars Love them all!❣

Chocolate bars Love them all!❣*Yes, America does have KitKat bars, But they are made by a different company than the Canadian KitKat. (Plus, ours are bigger!

I've actually never heard this before. Probably why I score so low on 'How Canadian Are You?' tests...

Meanwhile in Canada.Simply disgusting, SNIRT = cross between snow & dirt in the Spring.

RCMP Cpl. Jason Pinder with a beaver kit, It's hard to imagine anything more Canadian — or more adorable — than a photo of a Mountie cuddling a baby beaver, unless, of course, he was holding a Timmies in his other hand.

Mountie + baby beaver = most Canadian photo ever?

Jason Pinder (who volunteers at Salthaven wildlife rehab) with a rescued beaver kit. Most Canadian picture ever :)

Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Funny pictures about Japan landscape in winter. Oh, and cool pics about Japan landscape in winter. Also, Japan landscape in winter.