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The Hardest Thing About Being a Christian Single Girl

{Blog Post} The Hardest Thing About Being a Christian Single Girl @girldefined

You were my person, this is my last apology and my final goodbye. open letter to the friends lost along the way: this is me saying goodbye.

An Open Letter To The Friends I Lost Along The Way

This is me saying goodbye.

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To My Future Husband, I Hope You're Already In Love

I know you're worth it. I know you're worth every heart filled prayer, tear stained pillow, bad breakup, or minute spent waiting for you to sweep me off of my feet.

I know it's been awhile. Ex Best Friend, Best Friends, Growing Apart, Open Letter, Bikinis, Swimwear, Lettering, Thoughts, Formal Dresses

To The Friend I Thought Would Be Forever

I know it's been awhile.

My Parents’ Divorce Changed My Entire Perspective On Relationships

Sometimes You Need To Be Selfish

It's okay to be selfish

I'm Not too Busy to Date, I'm Just Looking for Someone Who Can Keep Up Image

Pucker Mob

If you think you can keep up...I wish you the best of luck.

Being Unapologetically Me

Being Unapologetically Me

Never be afraid to be yourself.

Grief can be a difficult process to handle for everyone, especially children. Here are some ways you can help children cope with grief.

Dear Deceased Parent

A letter to a deceased parent from their child.