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iControlPad Physical iPhone Game Controller to Use Bluetooth Turn your iPhone or Android device into a PSP style gaming device.

Heated ski boots

Heated ski boots - Sofia Z

Yacht with a garage.

A Luxury Yacht With A Free Supercar! The Strand Craft by Gray Design. Purchase this yacht and you'll get the ultimate gift with purchase - a luxury supercar that can be stored on board in its own garage at the stern of the ship.

resqme: key chain attachment that allows you to cut seatbelt and punch out your car window in case of an accident.

This key chain attachment allows you to cut your seatbelt and punch out the car window in case of an emergency. I already have the seatbelt cutter but need the window punch

Keychain Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard: Laser projection keyboard lets you type on flat surfaces. Laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. Advanced optics track your fingers. Connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

The Water Jet Pack

The water jet pack is officially the greatest thing ever. For only sixty eight grand you can own your very own water thrusting jetpack. It can lift you up to 30 feet high and thrust forward at 30 miles per hour - practically guaranteeing certain death.