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the sun is setting behind some birds flying in the sky
Hangout on Holiday
an old metal object laying in the grass
Ouch! by tomhaste, via Flickr
an open drawer in a wooden cabinet with metal latches on the front and sides
two gold metal shields are on display for sale in a store aisle with other packaged items behind them
26 Things With Faces
the handle on a suitcase is attached to it's seat cover with two metal knobs
Surrounded by weird faces everywhere - Beauty will save
several boxes stacked on top of each other
oh My!
a manhole hole on the side of a brick road with two holes in it
وجوه في كل مكان
a pink piece of luggage sitting on top of a wooden stair case next to a hand rail
30 Funny Examples Of Pareidolia In Everyday Objects
My Daughter's Suitcase Looks Really Upset That It Was Left On The Stairs
two people walking down the street with backpacks on their backs and one holding a cell phone
March 2008
Faces in Places
a pink bathroom sink with two blue knobs on it's left and right sides
Runny Nose
Runny Nose