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I would never change a thing about you

He is the sweetest, cutest, funniest boy in the world. HE IS PERFECT! Don't ever call yourself a Directioner if you hate or even dislike one thing about this boy!

My fave song right now(:

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star, I wanna hit you with a car. Throw you off a tree so high, hope you break your neck and die." Those are my favorite perodies for twinkle twinkle little stars

I don't understand why Harry styles is on here... Then again I only know the one song by one direction and only know who he is by all these pictures of him... So if there is an explanation to why Harry styles relates to this story, I'd love to finally understand

I'm saying yes to anyone that wants to date me now if he's a total nerd. If he thinks he's bad a** and isn't a good kid, no. But a nerd, yeah :)

Lol I can see this happening to me lmao

and for the record, I'm gonna marry one of them anyway so. I won't have this issue Ya, I'll have people wanting to meet me because their daughter is friends with a Horan (cough* my daughter *cough)

// one direction //

C'mon let's go party!>>>> ooowwwoooahahhh>>>>>c'mon lets go party!>>>>>>ooowoooahhoowoahhhh>>>ahhhahhhahhhyeaaaahhhh>>god I love this fandom