How to teach patterns - Kindergarten I definitely need to make more use of my pocket display.

How to teach patterns - Kindergarten.use these for Do Nows and Math journals! Patterns are impt, even if CC says they're not!

A Pinch of Kinder: Kindergarten math centre with corks, paint and an egg carton.  Can you make a pattern?

I love this DIY math center idea. Use corks and paint to practice making patterns. The corks also provide great fine motor practice.

This apple patterns free printable is a great way to work on pattern recognition with big kids.

Free Apple Patterns for Higher Order Thinking

Patterns Are Everywhere

WHY ZEBRAS DEVELOPED STRIPES?Equus zebra©Edgar Angelone, Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Researchers from Hungary and Sweden claim to have solved the mystery of zebra stripes. The stripes, they say, came about to keep away blood-sucking flies.