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Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy
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Love this idea to say thank you to your kid's teacher at the end of the year!

Today is the last day of school and that means Kailey is officially a third grader! Boy does time fly! Last night I realized I forgot to buy gifts for Kailey's teachers. Surely not because they aren't important but because I've been so busy since the stor

apples, melted peanut butter, & chocolate chips.

Just apples, melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. melt the peanut butter before putting it on the apples. I melted the chocolate chips as well, works as a nice little apple dip. honestly eating apples, peanut butter and.

I totally have an abundance of square cases just waiting to be turned into dice....

Data Dots - This square glass vase came from the florist when an arrangement was delivered. Add color coding dots from the office supply store . a Yahtzee game holder!

Creative decorating with cards. This could be around a small container for centerpieces, plasticware holders & more. I'm thinking we could connect more panels for a larger base, maybe making it hexagonal.

making a box from playing cards-what a great use for those decks that mysteriously have missing cards!