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two women are shown in front of a blue background with the words pricing rural properties
Pricing as a Realtor
🍀 Don't miss our third episode! We dive into the crucial topic of pricing as a realtor, offering valuable tips to help you master the art of pricing your properties. Tune in for insights that can elevate your real estate game. We hope you enjoy this episode. Episode 3: Pricing as a Realtor Listen on YouTube 👇 https://youtu.be/2LeR0rw8gOU?si=8yl2xJZ6nE7k4aMa Spotify 👇 https://acesse.one/RjdLD #wirrepodcast #newepisode #Spotify #realtorpricing #realestatetips #episode3 #buildingleaders #realtor #availablenow
Managing Clients Expectations
⭐Mastering Client Expectations is a podcast dedicated to helping professionals navigate and excel in managing client expectations. Join us as we share proven strategies, communication techniques, and best practices to foster successful client relationships. Unlock the secrets to delivering outstanding results and exceeding client expectations in every interaction as a rural realtor. #wirrepodcast #newepisodeavilable #expectations #clients #ruralrealtor #tips #realtortips
Put the money Away
listen to our podcast to undertand how you can plan your finance as a realtor
Financial Planning as a Realtor
you should read these books if you want to successed in realesate insdustry
How to manage clients expectations?
New espisode available , episode 9
Are too many realtors?
Realtor Life Style #realtortips #womeninruralrealestate #wirre #interlakesrealtor
Realtor tip
#realtorlife #realtortips #womeninruralrealestate #wirre
Seller´s Position
New episode available #episode7 #wirrepodcast #realtortips #interlakesrealtor #100milehouse #spotifypodcast
Take Someone with you
for your safety take someone with you when you visit a property
Safety for Rural Agent
In Today´s episode, we talk about safety as rural agent .
11 years of building relationships and finding homes that fit like a glove - this anniversary as a realtor is all about the people I've helped along the way. 🏡💕 Thank you to my amazing clients and colleagues for making this journey so rewarding. Let's keep making magic happen together!
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Realtor Anniversary
realtor tips , become a good realtor, license realtor Realtor License, Career, To Start, The World
How to start a Career as a Licensed Realtor
we'll take a deep dive into the world of real estate, sharing insider tips, strategies, and stories from top-performing professionals in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you succeed in real estate
Realtor tips
know your clients it is important to provide really good services and get loyal customer.