Canadian National Anthem :)

Proud to sing O'Canada, at school, at hockey games, at movie theatres.yes, at movie theatres! <<< HAPPY CANADA DAY :D

Canadian Bad Ass added a new photo. - Canadian Bad Ass// That's us, all right. I had a spontaneous text conversation with my friend where we only spoke french for two hours.


I see natural selection has worked well for them. Now if only we could implement that here.


karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.


Haha it sucked being a primary kid. But my family calls them skipants<<< I call them both, but everybody I know says snowpants.

Lol :)

Meanwhile in Canada.I actually watched a guy leave his car at the pump and walk next door to Timmies .

Confederation Bridge - the world's longest bridge over ice covered water. Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge - the world's longest bridge over ice covered water spans from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.


omg, I'm gonna choke on air! <~~~ if you think were lying i literally did this like ten minutes ago cuz i didnt know where the scissors went

It's the "How far away are you? We're coming to visit!! We'd love to get together!" "Well, I live about 12 hours from where you'll be!"

Canada Oh Canada. Canadian Problem Or they do visit you in Ontario. And while here for 2 weeks want to see Niagara Falls, the mountains and visit Disneyland in Florida, USA


I saw Timmy in New York--I was so so so proud--I don't even drink coffee! (LAVISHY, proud to be Canadian)