The Notre-Dame Basilica is a beautiful and uniquely designed religious edifice located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The basilica’s Gothic Revival architecture is among the most dramatic in the world. The church is characterized by twin clock towers.

Montreal Park - Montreal

I hear Canada is beautiful and that I should visit Montreal Park - Montreal


Love the outdoor cafes, Montreal

Rue St. Catherine, Montreal

My Trip to Montreal Canada in May-June Video and Photos of my travel trip to Montreal in Quebec.

Montreal montreal

Montreal, where we're celebrating our first anniversary together.


Old Montreal, Montreal, Canada,

Quebec Sugar Pie

Quebec City Sugar Pie with Thick Cream - Asking a Quebecois cook about the origin of Sugar Pie (Tarte Au Sucre) is rather like asking an American cook where apple pie came from. Everyone has their own version, but this one was too pretty not to pin.


One of my favorite Canadian cities. Go to Montreal with a lover.

home of the Bixi (taxi-bike)

Montreal - home of the Bixi (taxi-bike)


Montreal--visited and want to go back!

Montreal, Canada

i ♥ montreal

View from Intercontinental Hotel, Montreal

View from Intercontinental Hotel, Montreal

Joe Beef Restaurant, Montreal

Joe Beef Restaurant, Montreal

Old Montreal

Old Montreal - took the kids to this exact spot

Habitat 67, Montreal, Quebec, Canada:  Some of Montreal’s charm comes from its beautiful and diverse architecture. From old world to futuristic, there are interesting buildings to see.  Habitat 67 is a 148 unit housing complex made up of 354 cubes. It was erected for 1967’s Expo World Fair held in Montréal.  The complex was designed to provide single family housing with privacy that most city apartment buildings lack. Each unit has its own terrace and plenty of amenities for residents to…

Habitat Montreal, by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie