UltraCeramic Residential Flooring/Couvre-plancher résidentiel

UltraCeramic is a floor covering engineered to provide a better alternative to ceramic or stone. // UltraCeramic est un revêtement de sol qui qui offre un…
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UltraCeramic Marble Jewel - Beige - RMJ-03
UltraCeramic Marble Jewel - Grey/Gris - RMJ-02
UltraCeramic - Marble Jewel - White/Blanc - RMJ-01

UltraCeramic Marble Jewel 18x18

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UltraCeramic Castelli Marble - Beige - RCM-03
UltraCeramic Castelli Marble - Light Grey/Gris pâle - RCM-02
UltraCeramic Castelli Marble - Grey/Gris - RCM-01

UltraCeramic Castelli Marble 18 x 18

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UltraCeramic Natural Sandstone - Russet - RNS-06
UltraCeramic Natural Sandstone - Brown/Brun - RNS-05
UltraCeramic Natural Sandstone - Light Grey/Gris pâle - RNS-04

UltraCeramic Natural Sandstone 18 x 18

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UltraCeramic Fine Travertine - Tan - RFT-04
UltraCeramic Fine Travertine - Beige - RFT-03
UltraCeramic Fine Travertine - Cream/Crème - RFT-02

UltraCeramic Fine Travertine 18 x 18

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UltraCeramic Tuscan Slate - Warm Grey/Gris chaleureux - RTS-07
UltraCeramic Tuscan Slate - Dark Grey/Gris foncé - RTS-06
UltraCeramic Tuscan Slate - Russet - RTS-05

UltraCeramic Tuscan Slate 18 x 18

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UltraCeramic Natural Travertine - Brown/Brun - RNT-06
UltraCeramic Natural Travertine - Graphite - RNT-05
UltraCeramic Natural Travertine - Grey/Gris - RNT-04

UltraCeramic Natural Travertine 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Precious Stone - Taupe - RPS-04
UltraCeramic Precious Stone - Beige - RPS-03
UltraCeramic Precious Stone - Silver/Argent - RPS-02

UltraCeramic Precious Stone 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Urban Slate - Soft Brown/Brun doux - RUS-57
UltraCeramic Urban Slate - Natural Ivory/Ivoire naturel - RUS-44
UltraCeramic Urban Slate - Stone Grey/Pierre grise - RUS-37

UltraCeramic Urban Slate 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Finestone - Beige - RFS-43
UltraCeramic Finestone - Natural Pewter/Étain naturel - RFS-39
UltraCeramic Finestone - Stone Grey/Pierre grise - RFS-36

UltraCeramic Finestone 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Spa Marble - Soft Beige/Beige doux - RSM-45
UltraCeramic Spa Marble - Warm Grey/Gris chaleureux - RSM-34
UltraCeramic Spa Marble - Light Grey/Gris pâle - RSM-30

UltraCeramic Spa Marble 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Villa Stonewood - Taupe - RVS-56
UltraCeramic Villa Stonewood - Natural Ivory/Ivoire naturel - RVS-42
UltraCeramic Villa Stonewood - Grey/Gris - RVS-38

UltraCeramic Villa Stonewood - 12 x 24

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UltraCeramic Eclectic Stone - Titanium - REC-04
UltraCeramic Eclectic Stone - Sand/Sable - REC-03
UltraCeramic Eclectic Stone - Silver/Argent - REC-02

UltraCeramic Eclectic Stone 12 x 24

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a dog laying on the floor in front of a kitchen counter with two people and an oven
UltraCeramic is family-friendly
UltraCeramic was designed with the whole family in mind – pets included! With quick and easy installation, UltraCeramic is also ideal for do-it-yourself tile renovation projects.
Spills, Splashes, Stains, Claws - No Worries! When installed with its fast-curing grout, UltraCeramic flooring provides a 100% waterproof continuous surface that prevents liquid from seeping through and dirt and bacteria from harboring.
a young boy playing with a toy bus
What is UltraCeramic?
The look of ceramic or marble, without the inconveniences - Warmer and quieter than ceramic tiles - Easy to clean and disinfect - 3X faster installation than ceramic without any dust Design your room by importing your own pictures into our Room Designer : https://americanbiltrite.chameleonpower.com/ Order up to 3 free samples delivered directly to your home! https://ultraceramic.american-biltrite.com/flooring/
an image of a white wallpaper that looks like wood
a large gray rug on top of a wooden floor
an image of a white wallpaper that looks like wood
an image of a beige marble background
a white and gray wallpaper with some stains on it's surface, as well as an image of the bottom corner
an image of a white marble textured wallpaper with grey and silver paint on it
a white wall that has some kind of textured paper on it, and is very soft
white marble textured wallpaper with light grey and black accents on the bottom right hand corner
an image of a stone wall that looks like it has been painted in grey and white
a white wall that has some kind of textured surface on it and is very high resolution
an image of a white marble wallpaper with grey and gray tones on it's surface
an image of a white wallpaper with grey paint on the walls and bottom half
an image of a white wall that looks like concrete
an image of marble textured wallpaper in grey and white colors for walls or floors
a white marble wall with grey veining
white marble textured wallpaper
a close up view of the surface of a stone wall with brown and tan colors
a close up view of the surface of a stone wall