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"I absolutely love Jared's performance--Sam is always very conscious of his size and if you watch how he approaches people, it is clear that he is deliberately doing a lot with his body language to seem less intimidating. But when he isn't himself, that goes away completely and we see him for the terrifyingly gigantic threat that he could be."

This gives me feels also. I mean after all the good he's done, Sam can still only ever think about the bad, and considers himself an evil freak of nature. You're giving me feels man

Annabeth has the best castles!!!

Annabeth has the best castles!!!

I finally have a popsocket for my phone (I got a free one cause I'm cheep ) · · Credit to · · #percyjackson…

I finally have a popsocket for my phone (I got a free one cause I'm cheep ) · · Credit to · · #percyjackson…

stuff hurt back then too, and sometimes it hurts even more now looking back on it. "We were just starting to be brothers again." Tell me that doesn’t hit you harder now than it did back then.

Perfect ! I don't know that I've seen a more accurate character analysis. Every one of Dean's actions can be traced back to THIS POST, and perfectly explained. I don't get the Dean-hate right now:/ (Oh, and sorry about the language)

The language is edited out. Dean can apologize for lying to Sam, but not for saving him. Because Sam is Dean's life.

The spn fandom could teach graduate level classes analyzing character development

"The SPN Fandom could teach graduate level classes analyzing character development." <---- Are you kidding me, EVERY fandom could teach graduate level classes on analyzing character development!

That's just wrong.

We're such a sad, broken fandom - . [AUDIO] Carry On Wayward Son (Lullaby Version) noooo the feelssss<<< in my experience all the best ppl are broken

Season 3 - Dean's journey to Hell [GIFSET]

His brother is the most important thing to him. I love that he finally tells Sam how he really feels which is what Sam desperately wanted. "I want you to drop the act and be my brother again.">>> Didn't need my heart anyway.

[Gifs] EXACTLY !

My point exactly. Sam and Dean both love each other to incredible extremes--enough that Dean could sell his soul and Sam could overpower Lucifer. The thing is--Sam RESPECTS Dean and what DEAN would ultimately want over his own desires to save him.


SPN - Ezekiel sees firsthand how strong Sam really is, even with the demon blood trying to tempt him from good.

"We keep each other human."

" Hopefully Sam will be able to keep Dean human this upcoming season, because that boy has got me very worried.>>> They are more scary on their on

Info on the Bunker from Wanek

Ok, being a geek/nerd thought the design Wanek came with is awesome. An object used for one purpose. Over time morphed into another purpose.