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a woman sitting at a sewing machine in front of a chalkboard
studio of Bre, designer of scout & catalogue fashion accessories.
two green and white table runners sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Production en série artisanale... besoin de 204 feuilles !
a man sitting on the floor with a camera in front of him, taking a photo
En coulisse de notre premier shooting photo
an open cardboard box with a bag and some paper in it
Ça sent bon! Lavande du Québec et grains du Canada 🌱🌸🌿 It's smells good! Lavender of Quebec and grains of Canada #lavande #lavender #confectionlocale
several pieces of cloth are stacked up on a shelf in front of hooks and pegs
Grosse production en cours... hundreds little hearts in production #canadianmade #handmade #babygift #babyshower