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six different colors of linens with the names of each one on them, all lined up in rows
My Favorite Resources for Natural Dyeing - Side Lake Stitch
four different colored linens with some writing on one side and the other half in brown
Sheepy Hollow
Sheepy Hollow
The color scheme. Natural flax Interior, Home Interior Design, Linen Curtains, Curtains Living, Curtain Designs, Window Drapes, Linen, Interior Decorating, Room Decor
Цветовая гамма. Лён натуральный
six skeins of yarn in different colors and sizes, with the names below them
Yarn Dyeing with Fireweed Fibres
Yarn Dyeing with Fireweed Fibres
several skeins of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table next to pine cones
Natural Dye from Plants: Dandelion Flowers, FiberArtsy.com
some yarn is laying on top of a table next to rosemary plants and the words dyeing yarn with rosemary
Dyeing Yarn with Rosemary - Rosemary & Pines Fiber Arts
an assortment of different colored pieces of cloth on top of each other, with frayed edges
How to Dye Fabric Using Plants From Your Garden
various materials are displayed on a white surface