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a white plate topped with french toast covered in powdered sugar and strawberries next to a glass of orange juice
Are Meals Included with my Amtrak Vacation?
Learn all about meals & dining during your Amtrak Vacation on our website. Warning: these photos will make you hungry!
two people sleeping on bunk beds in an airplane with the text 4 perks of choosing an amtrak roomette
4 Perks of Choosing an Amtrak Roomette
Number 1: Think of it as a hotel room on the tracks
an older man and woman are sleeping on the train with text overlay reading traveling overnight, amtrak, or the first time
Traveling Overnight in an Amtrak Sleeping Car for the First Time
If you're planning on vacationing overnight on a long-distance Amtrak train, there are various sleeping accommodations to choose from.
a map of the united states with roads
Amtrak Vacations
Train trips and rail vacations throughout the USA and Canada. | Amtrak Vacations
a train traveling down tracks next to the ocean with palm trees on both sides and houses
Pacific Surfliner Train | Amtrak
The Pacific Surfliner adds four new stops. More options for riders in the San Diego region.
a train track running along the side of a hill next to some water and grass
Riders Pick Top Places to Visit in 2015
Where will Amtrak take you this year?
a train traveling past a snow covered mountain on the tracks in front of trees and bushes
Rail & Sail Vacations
Map not available
a silver train traveling past tall buildings under a cloudy sky at sunset with the sun going down
Amtrak Tickets, Schedules and Train Routes
The sunrise and sunset are even more beautiful from your seat on the train. Thank you, Cara Davis, for sharing this great photo of the Lake Shore Limited.
the view from inside a train window looking out at a cityscape and power lines
Top 10 Highest Growing Amtrak Routes | Amtrak Blog
Amtrak's Hiawatha trains travel between Chicago and Milwaukee. Minn.
three tickets sitting on top of each other
Experience - Onboard
User @kritikaaa on Instagram is ready for a traincation... Are you? ;)
a woman standing next to a train on the tracks with her hand in her pocket
Routes & Stations
Instagram user @nannette13 is packed and ready to go on an Amtrak traincation! What are your train-travel essentials?
a train traveling down tracks next to a snow covered platform
Naperville, IL (NPV) | Amtrak
Don't drive in the snow! Let us take you home for the holidays :) Thank you, Robby Gragg, for capturing our train in winter's wonderland!
a blue and silver train traveling down train tracks next to trees with leaves on them
Amtrak Tickets, Schedules and Train Routes
Robert DelPrato shares a photo of the Palmetto surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. We hope to see you all onboard this fall!
a young child looking at a map on a train
Adorable Photo from Empire Builder Train | Amtrak Blog
Check out this tiny traveler on our Empire Builder train between Chicago and Seattle.
a woman is standing on the train station platform at sunset with her hand in her pocket
Beautiful Photo from Coast Starlight Train | Amtrak Blog
Check out this beautiful pic along our Coast Starlight route from LA to Seattle!