Maran Slipper Chair featuring Coral - dark pink by amyjeanne_wpg


Fire Mating Phoenix Lotus , Fitted Skirt by Sherrie Larch. Artwork printed skirts to wear every day! Made with our signature knit fabric, milled in Montreal

Moneta Dress | Neighbourhood Windows

Colette Patterns Moneta Dress made with Spoonflower designs on Sprout Patterns.

Venda Sloped Arm Chair featuring Swirling Gypsy Flames on Wild Night Blue by rhondadesigns

Venda Sloped Arm Chair featuring by amyjeanne_wpg…

Venda Sloped Arm Chair featuring Japanese Garden by amyjeanne_wpg

Venda Sloped Arm Chair featuring Sinking Suns on a Rose Pink Sea by rhondadesigns

Maran Slipper Chair featuring Neighbourhood Windows by amyjeanne_wpg

Black and White Jellyfish

Black and White Jellyfish, Draped Kimono by Amy Jeanne Wpg. Printed artwork Draped Kimono, available in silky knit and transparent chiffon fabric

Filtered Coral Art Print - digitally layered watercolours now available on my shop

Zeena Dress by By Hand London using my Blood Moon Eclipse pattern now available on Sprout!