Bâton casse-croûte Pinocchio (24 pcs)

Bâton casse-croûte Pinocchio (24 pcs)

Couteau à beurre chauffant SpreadTHAT!

Spread THAT! Heat Conducting Butter Knife - transfers your body heat onto the knife edge to make spreading cold butter easier.

Assiette à cocktail Holdaplate (ensemble de 6)

If you attend or throw parties that use cocktail plates, the HOLDAPLATE is for you. Hold a glass and plate in one hand, temporarily, to eat or shake hands.

Louche Nessie

SHENNOSI® Nessie Soup Ladle - Ness Scotland Nessie Kitchen Monster Ladle Cute Creative Cartoon Spoon Tableware for Soup

Échappe-vapeur Flower Power

Steam releaser - Flower power The Flower Power steam releaser will hold your lid slightly open and reduce the risk of the water boiling over. When the steam start rising the flower will start to spin. A practical and fun gadget for the kitchen!