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Cruelty is not a fashion statement, I can't stand the fur industry. Fur farms exist in the US and in other countries and torture animals for their skins. These animals can stay alive for several minutes after they are skinned if skinned alive.

PLEASE PLEASE don't ignore-please report!! PLEASE see comments below for additional sites to report....please sign the petition and report these sites to FB to shut down... http://www.causes.com/actions/1728894-demand-facebook-to-remove-the-group-called-tanoli-dog-fighter?fb_action_ids=10151413983189551_action_types=causes%3Asign_source=other_multiline_object_map=%7B%2210151413983189551%22%3A473981262663494%7D_type_map=%7B%2210151413983189551%22%3A%22causes%3Asign%22%7D

We the people demand that this group be shut down. This group promotes signatures on petition)

Blackfish Official Film Site

In Blackfish, a revealing and controversial documentary about SeaWorld and their treatment of orca whales, was released. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite focuses on Tilikum, one of SeaWorld's central whales, and the debate over captive killer whales.

Animals Helped Make Your Medicine: What Can a Vegan Do?

Sign Petition: Tell the FDA to require labeling of animal products in drugs

United Nations Recognizes Wildlife Trafficking as ‘Serious Crime’

An Indian youth dressed as a tree looks on during an awareness event commemorating Earth Day in Allahabad.

Help with Medical expenses  on GoFundMe - $60 raised by 2 people in 10 days.

Help with medical expenses and perscriptions. I an asking for donations for help with medical expended and perscriptions. I have been off work 2 months and in hospital. If you are able to help i would appreciate it so much

Campaña para salvar cientos de perros de un laboratorio tras su cierre en Suecia | Igualdad Animal

Campaña para salvar cientos de perros de un laboratorio tras su cierre en Suecia | Igualdad Animal

Puppy mill protest at 5pm in Orlando, FL on April 5th (FRI) Driving Directions from 3309 Valeview Dr, Apopka, Florida 32712 to 2600 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803 | MapQuest

Driving Directions from 3309 Valeview Dr Apopka, FL to 2600 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL - MapQuest


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