Kingston Harbour, Jamaica

Underwater city of Port Royal, Jamaica, dates back to century British Empire. This is a great example of why I have a phobia of the ocean.

Face to face with the past

Franck Goddio face to face with a black granite sphinx representing Ptolemaios XII, father of Cleopatra VII. The sphinx dates from the century BC and was found in the ancient harbour of Alexandria.

Underwater Pyramid

ThanksThe Mayan Temple off-shore in front of the Hotel Cozumel awesome pin

Baiae, Naples

Underwater Archaeology - Diving the Ruins at Baiae, Naples, Italy . excellent article by Allie Boler


Ancient History, Archaeology, Underwater, Diving

Mysteries Unfold

Crystal Pyramid under the Bermuda Triangle. Mysterious underwater pyramids put scientists in a dead end - March 31 .

Exploring Mediterranean Ports

Exploring Mediterranean Ports

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