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Known for their powerful ancient wisdom & divine masculine energy, Arcturian Starseeds are often considered the architects, leaders, & pioneers amongst Earth making them excellent candidates for enacting change within the Earthly realm. So how do you know if you truly resonate with Arcturian traits? Click to see if their energy resonates with you. #arcturian #starseed #galactic #alien #newage #cosmic #stars #astrology #lifepath


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Directly above the skin's surface, the human energy field is divided into etheric layers. Each of these layers is three dimensional and envelops the body like a sheath or shell.
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Bring your attention to your physical body with this tarot spread from www.emeraldlotus.ca
Temperance Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.

Tarot Spread/Oracle Card

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White magick is all about making the world a better place for yourself and all living creatures. Within the pages of The White Magick Spell Book, you’ll find the rituals, spells, and information you need to make this better world a reality! #wicca #wiccan#witchcraft #magick #pagan
Hi sweeties! I hope you are having a beautiful day! This is a jar that has been requested multiple times, and like always, if you ask for it, I will make it! I find this to be more of a mental protection bottle! (This is not going to put a force...
Immunity-Boosting Elderberry Tincture | Just what you need for cold/flu season!


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Angel Numbers/Repeating Numbers- signs from your angels, signs from your guides, spirit guides, angels, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 000, spiritual, spiritual awakening, synchronicity, synchronicitie
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The law of polarity states that everything has its counterpart. Dark is the counterpart of light. Joy versus sorrow. Up versus down. Sometimes you will manifest what you don't want to understand what you don't want in your life. Learn to set clear and bold intentions to stop manifesting what you don't like. Manifestation | Law of attraction | Manifest with Ash | Manifest your desires | Powerful Intentions | Intention setting | Manifestation workbook | Magical language for writing out intentions

Angel Numbers

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12 Chakra System, The 12th chakra
Whether you're an experienced aroma-vet or you want to introduce essential oils into your life, here are the Do's and Do n'ts of Aromatherapy.
It’s time to Awaken your Light, Align with your authentic truth and Step into your Spiritual power. I’m Ashley, though I go by Ash for short. I help others see their unlimited potential, live beyond fear and start Awakening their Inner Creator. #awakeningtips theawakenedstate.net POSTS FAQ BEGINNERS START


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