Penguin brothers

Penguin brothers

Teeny Tiny Turtle

After a summer hiatus due to sheer busyness of life/laziness of person, I am back! I have crafts gracing my shelves but unfortunately, I si.

Beaded seal

This one was made of glass beads from my forays in China.

Petite and Pink!

Petite and Pink!

Beaded blue seal

When I was in high school, my aunt in Hong Kong sent over a bunch of glass beads and two books on how to bead animals.

Beaded bunny

Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 4 cm Materials: 6 mm yellow acrylic beads, 6 mm pink acrylic beads, 6 mm black round acrylic bead, mm c.

Diversion Showcase: Teeny Tiny Turtle Take Two

I had a hard time deciding, but I have settled on this being his best side. This is the second-in-command of my turtle army with which.