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Sharp Eagle (Beagle and Shar-Pei mix)--kinda looks like our pup Stella, but she is not as wrinkly and has beautiful green eyes (Mix Greens Eyes)




Daily Mojo: Boats that don't leave a wake aren't moving. Cause a stir… punch the throttle!




Vuvuzela " Please raise your hands who watched the world cup in the night and still managed to turn up for school today .


With the emerging nanotechnology industry, thinking small and acting big is the name of the game. Nanoscale engineering and science will impact nearly every industry from biotech to electronics over the coming years.


TOUCH this image: Very busy spiders by Sarah Gibbs Here is my Thinglink. It has great facts, You tube clips and art ideas embedded in it. I used this for my Prep class and they loved it. A wonderful resource if you are learning about spiders!