Mini Quiches Lorraine.  Great party aps.   Yum!!

Mini Quiches Lorraine - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - Though you may have a touch of filling left over, resist the urge to overfill these mini-tarts, or they may stick to the foil cups.

Great gift idea.   Rum Balls

Really Good Rum Balls - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - There are rum ball recipes galore, but none better than this one.

Roast Garlic Stuffing-Style Baguette.  looks yummy

Roast Garlic Stuffing-Style Baguette - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - This bread stands in so deliciously for stuffing that you won't miss turkey's traditional accompaniment.

Ginger Molasses Crinkle Cookies. these are so yummy. A staple every Christmas at our house.

Ginger Molasses Crinkle Cookies Photo gallery: 10 yummy cookie recipes to freeze and bake later - Slide 9 - Canadian Living

Linzer Cookies.    These look so yummy!

Linzer Cookies - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - For soft, chewy cookies, assemble a day in advance. For crispier cookies, sandwich the same day as serving.

Chocolate Truffles for Two.  mmmm.  A perfect late night snack for 2. :)

Chocolate Truffles for Two - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - This recipe makes six creamy, rich dark chocolate truffles. For a twist, add 2 tsp mL) orange, hazelnut or almond liqueur to the melted chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Espresso Torte.  A super Hostess Gift for this holiday season!!

Skip the cake icing and go for cake dusting! By sifting a bit of icing sugar through a cake stencil, you can create a beautiful pattern on your cakes with very little effort. And making your own cake stencil is.

Sweet and Spicy Walnuts, with a glass of wine??

Sweet and Spicy Walnuts - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - These piquant nuts are a light introduction to an entertaining menu.

Iced Thai Tea.  can we say YUM!

Mix this with sweetened condensed or coconut milk to produce the iced drink served in Thai restaurants.

Cannoli Tartlets.  These look like a PERFECT holiday treat.  easy to bring with you to parties and get togethers.

Cannoli Tartlets - loved this entire episode! these make it seem like i may be able to recreate.

Carrot Salad Bites. a health conscious appetizer!  LOVE it!

Carrot Salad Bites - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - These colourful vegetarian appetizers can be whipped up in minutes for last-minute guests.

cookie dough bites

Cookie Dough Bites (no raw eggs!) -- butter, brown sugar, vanilla, flour, chocolate chips -- chill (This makes me think of the Cookie Dough tub at Theta!