Where I Grew Up. Haida Gwaii, archipelago of islands off the coast of BC

Untouched by glaciers and gnarled by weather, the islands have a unique and mysterious look and feel to them. It is truly a breathtaking place to visit. Growing up there I took a lot of it for granted, but since leaving in 1992 and returning 18 years later, I was struck by how much the soul of the islands was ingrained in me. It has affected how I design, how I relate to people, and most importantly fostered my love of raw nature and it's effect on the human experience.
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Haida Gwaii Is Canada's Best Kept Secret

Who knew you were hiding this gem from us? Formerly known as the "The Queen Charlotte Islands," Haida Gwaii is an ancient Canadian archipelago located just off the coast of British Columbia

cabinporn: “ Beach cabin in Haida Gwaii on the coast of British Columbia. Made of reclaimed driftwood milled locally. Submitted by Conrad Thiessen.

Rainbow coloured seaweed - Haida Gwaii

Kayaking in Gwaii Haanas Nat'l Park at the southern tip of Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlottes) is a memorable experience.

knarled by exposure

and which is an illusion? We often think the reflection is the real.

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Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii, Vacation Ideas, Archipelago, Coast, Prince, Victoria