Straw Bale Garden

Using straw bales is a great medium for that a lot of vegetables and flowers enjoy growing in. Here are some images of my straw bale garden grown in northern…
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purple flowers growing out of the ground in front of a white house with dry grass
some plants are growing next to a white fence in the back yard, and there is no grass on the ground
the garden is full of different types of plants
four pictures showing different stages of growing plants in the yard and on the side of a fence
an orange and green pumpkin sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to a plant
September pumpkin
some green vegetables are growing on the plant in the ground next to purple flowers and straw
Sept, green pepper
some plants that are growing out of the dirt
June, Venus fly trap
some green plants are growing in the ground next to a white wall with red flowers
July Lettuce
a cucumber growing on the side of a building next to leaves and vines
Aug cucumbers
a close up view of a plant with green leaves
Aug Brussels sprout
snow covers the ground and shrubs in front of a white fence
Sept 8 snow
some hay and flowers are growing in the garden
the garden is full of flowers and hay