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What IS Healthy About Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to leave you feeling uncomfortably stuffed. There are plenty of naturally delicious and totally healthy Thanksgiving foods and many ways to make your favorite dishes lighter so you can enjoy leftovers all week long.

Baked BBQ Beef Ribs

Baked BBQ Beef Ribs - Tender, oven-baked beef ribs brushed with a thick layer of Paleo-friendly BBQ sauce and a spicy dry rub.

Grilled Fish with Tomato-Lime Salsa

Grilled Fish with Tomato-Lime Salsa. A light, delicate grilled white fish dish topped with a mouthwatering tomato-lime salsa.

Thai-Style Chicken Wings

Thai-Style Chicken Wings - Bite into these caramelized chicken wings coated in a Thai-inspired sauce. Perfect to serve at a party!(Whole Chicken Wings)

pulled pork

This recipe comes to you via Steph Gaudreau's Performance Paleo Cookbook. For more on Steph, the founder of Stupid Easy Paleo, check out our Q&A with her here. INGREDIENTS For the pulled pork: g) boneless