Yosemite Grand Traverse, California (and others)

National Geographic - Yosemite Grand Traverse, California, United States Post Peak Pass to Tuolumne Meadows. Round-Trip: 60 miles, 6 to 7 days When to Go: Reaching a.s high as feet, this trans-Sierra route is open only from mid-July to mid-September.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM??: 3rd Grade: Klimt Trees

Some of th lesson ideas I come up with, but many of these ideas come from other wonderful art teachers!

Cape Scott trail, Vancouver Island

Guide to Cape Scott Trail - Hiking Trails on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Stein Valley, near Lytton

BC Parks and Conservation in the province of BC. A history of the conservation movement.

MEC Ibex 65 Backpack

MEC Ibex 65 Backpack - Mountain Equipment Co-op