Hedley Wild Life November 11th 2013

Hedley Wild Live Tour, 1 March I would love to see them in concert again!

Hedley is such a big Free The Children ambassoder. He has performed at We Day for so long

my friend texted me this morning saying he got me and ticket and we are going to watch them live! I have never been more happy the best surprise can't wait to you watch you guys live, always been a dream!

JACOB HOGGARD, 29: The Hedley lead singer from Alberton, B.C. says turning 30 this summer means "nobody can stop me from ruining my dinner w...

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JACOB HOGGARD, The Hedley lead singer born in Burnaby, B. says turning 30 this summer means "nobody can stop me from ruining my dinner w.

Canada`s latest band to make a name for itself on the world stage, Hedley enjoys rocking it out, but they`re not above belting out a good ballad!

Hedley best band ever! Seen them twice and they r canadian I love them!

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Award-winning Canadian rock band Hedley headlines this year's Surrey Canada Day celebrations.

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Hello - Hedley They are so underappreciated, go give them a try!