Elf on the Shelf writes on the toilet with a funny joke

100 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf

Put saran wrap on the toilet and make it look like the elf is floating above the toilet. Then the kiddos can't even use the toilet.

bows on the doors

Elf on the shelf Bows on door idea

It's a doll... riding a banana swing.  Not really sure what this is about.

Quand les lutins du Père Noël débarquent en banlieue

Elf on the Shelf - Feats of daring

Show your Elf on the Shelf a good time before he makes the long trip back up to the North Pole

Cookies aux céréales en bocal

Customize your special gift for Mother's day with GLAMULET PHOTO charms. compatible with Pandora bracelets.Food Craft Project: Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar, definitely a good secret santa gift option to add to something else.