Black Quilt Inspiration

You might be aware by now that I'm crazy about Goodwill. My recent ($4!) find is about 1.5 yds of unused Black Minky that might have intimidated it's original…
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an image of a sewing machine with the words walking foot quilting written below it
Walking Foot Quilting: How to Quilt Jagged Plain
Let's quilt Jagged Plain on our walking foot! This design will add sharpness and definition to your quilt.
a black and white quilt is hanging on a clothes rack
Big City Quilts
black and white quilt, fabric, patchwork
a close up view of a green background
Also found a smaller piece of lime, but I don't think it will be used in this quilt.
a black and white photo of a knitted blanket with an animal on the front
This is the backing, I found some in new condition at Goodwill! :)
a blue and black quilt on the ground
Sami Casanova's favorites
Urban Abacus by Sew Kind of Wonderful
a quilted blanket with black and white designs on it
Urban Abacus
Urban Abacus by Sew Kind of Wonderful
a patchwork quilt with black, green and white designs
This dithered effect is neat!
a bed with a black headboard and colorful bedspread
Oops! Can't find that page! No worries, I'm sure it's still here- why not try the search function? -> - The Polka Dot Chair
Pink, black and pale teal.
the color scheme for gray and yellow
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Gender neutral blackish scheme