Croûtons de poireaux & bacon

Croûtons de poireaux & bacon

My mother-in-law created a perfect mix of leek, bacon, mayonnaise, and cheese that she uses to top ciabatta crostini. You can prepare the mix in advance and refrigerate it until you're ready to move on to Steps 2 and


Millefeuille bicolore de poire

Mille-feuille bi-colore de poire ~ I know God loves me, so perhaps He will allow me to visit France someday.

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Meringue gourmande pistache fraise - B comme Bon


Mozzarella à la grenade, ciboulette, amandes et caramel balsamique

Plateau d’antipasti

Plateau d’antipasti

Côtes levées au barbecue (les meilleures)

The Ultimate Barbecued Ribs. Tie consuming, but not difficult, and a lot of it is unattended time.

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Cucumber Roulades recipe Pretty and delicious. You could mix the cream cheese with chives with the salmon cream cheese and stuff with combo rather tha paying for the expensive lox for the top. Dill comes in a squirt tube and holds better.


RECIPE Ingredients: 2 cucumbers (about 1 pound each) 2 ounces.