Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are colourful Easter-themed cookies incorporating a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with Cadbury Mini eggs!

Banana Bread - Annie Bakes

A tried and true recipe for classic banana bread.

Stable Crusting Vanilla Buttercream - Annie Bakes

Stable Crusting Vanilla Buttercream - Annie Bakes

chocolate chip muffins

A quick and delicious recipe for chocolate chip muffins. These babies are moist, fluffy and hits your dessert craving without being overly sweet.

How to bake S'mores Thumbprint Cookies

Easy to make s'mores thumbprint cookies! Honey & cinnamon in the cookie, with delectable melted marshmallow & melted semi-sweet chocolate drizzled on top. This will be a big hit at any holiday party! by Annie Ai.

How to Bake & Decorate an Easter Egg Cake

Based off decoration/garnishing instructions from Canadian Living's Speckled Easter Egg Chocolate Cake . I used the Ultimate Chocolate cake.

How to Decorate a Unicorn Cake - Annie Bakes

An easy do-it-yourself unicorn cake tutorial! All you need is cake layers, buttercream, fondant and some sprinkles and you're ready to get started!

How to Decorate Hydrangea Cupcakes

Recipes: Use the Vanilla Cupcakes recipe. Use Vanilla Buttercream recipe. Equipment: Use a Wilton Decorating Tip - Clos.

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