You can do it (veston/jacket) - Heat Wave (short)

Short fitted jacket made of cotton and polyester, lined, single button and plunging shirtwaist collar.

Love Moods (top) - Aloha (jupe/skirt)

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Lili St-Cyr (top)

Lili St-Cyr (top)

Annie 50 :: Ginger (robe/dress)

Fitted dress, inverted kimono collar with contrasting yoke. Peg fitted skirt with side pockets.

Let's make love (robe/dress)

Let's Make Love, Robe Annie 50 collection été 2013

Do it again (top) - Love Nest (jupe/skirt)

Polyester skirt with hollow pleats in two contrasting colours.

Coney Island (robe/dress)

Dress with circular skirt, fitted bodice with pleats at the neck, tulip sleeves, removable belt and zip at the back.