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Escargots à la Bourguignonne (Snails in Garlic–Herb Butter)

Use good-quality canned snails and store-bought snail shells to make this timeless garlic-and-herb-flavored dish.

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Escargots in Mushroom Caps with Garlic Butter

7 reviews
30 minutes

Escargots in Mushroom Caps with Garlic Butter is an easy appetizer. Impress your guests with this menu favourite, made right at home.

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Classic French Escargots

A recipe for Classic French Escargot with a parsley garlic butter in a shell or covered in puff pastry, make them however you'd like!

Buttered Crumb Escargot in Wine

In French cuisine, the snails are typically cooked (usually with garlic butter, chicken stock or wine), and then placed back into the shells. with the butter and sauce.

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Easy Garlic Escargots

48 reviews
40 minutes

These tender escargots in mushroom caps are smothered with wine sauce and cheese. Nothing big and fancy, but I liked how it turned out, so I thought I'd share. They're easy to make too!

Portuguese Garlic and Cilantro Bread Soup (Açorda à Alentejana) Recipe

1 review
1 hour

Sort of like congee, but from Portugal and made with stale bread instead of rice, this deeply satisfying soup (it's really more like a porridge), is rich with garlic, olive oil, cilantro, chorizo, and a softly poached egg.

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Caracoles al horno | The cook monkeys

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Escargots de Bourgogne pour 8 personnes - Recettes Elle à Table

34 reviews
4 hours

Découvrez la préparation de la recette "Escargots de Bourgogne" : Après les avoir fait jeûner pendant 3 jours, faites dégorger les escargots avec 3 cuillerées à soupe de sel de cuisine pendant 2h. Lavez-les à l'eau froide jusqu'à ce qu'ils ne soient plus gluants.Jetez-les dans 5 l d'eau...

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How to Prepare and Serve Escargot - Foodal

10 reviews

Escargot is served as an appetizer in Spain & France. Butter and fresh herbs serve to make this a tasty dish. Recipe for Escargots de Bourgogne included.

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Recipe : French Style ESCARGOT Wannabe (Giant African Land Snail)

Resep Bekicot ala Perancis When i done my weekend jog rituals, i found a very big land snail is sneaking in my garden cerry tomato plan. The giant land snail shell is about 15 centimeters long and …

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Escargot with Garlic Butter and Splash of Cognac - a 10 minute dish

I eat most anything, and especially take a liking to items of food that normally cause a crinkly nosed "eeewwww" from most, as evidenced by this post. Slimy snails, cod fish ...

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Snails Bourgugnonne/Escargots a La Bourguignonne Recipe -

I reviewed this Recipe #319778 wanting it lower in cholesterol adding more veggies for better health.Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Don't get me wrong these are still fattening but delish and healthier then all butter. I bought the Canned French escargots with empty shells for serving, in a speciality store. If using mushroom caps you can pre-cook a couple minutes for softer mushrooms or if you like them raw to firm stuff then cook. A May celebration "Aplec del…

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Snails in Garlic–Herb Butter

In this version of this rich, timeless dish, the butter is given an aromatic edge by the addition of Pernod.

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Parsley, garlic butter escargot.

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Spicy Tomato-Braised Snails with Mint (Lumache alla Romana)

While classic French technique says to drown escargot in butter, traditional Roman cuisine relies on the acidity of a tomato braise to cut through pungent snails.