Uhm I find this a bit offensive, but its funny!!!!!!!! :)

They Do Things A Little Different In Canada – 22 Pics Tom John John John John Kennedy Chose

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I don't get why everyone thinks that all we Canadians do it play hockey and make friends. We make buttertarts and maple syrup on sticks too, hello.<<<I have a friend in Canada who visits every so often, so I can prove that is true


I can confirm this is a thing. Every Canadian kid goes on a field trip to the Maple Syrup farm and gets this.


Badass Canada

A Canadian problem at it's finest! Man, I'd kill to meet an illegal maple syrup dealer!

Canadians are lovely people…

Canadians are lovely people…

Canadian Humor: Free Healthcare

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (24 Photos)


because I live in southern united states where maybe 1 in a 1000 people have even heard of k-pop (well, except gangnam style) . Or Canada!

Beavertails - yum!

There's a Newf in My Soup!: The New Doughnut Rage: Newfie Tongues! inspired by beavertails from ottawa

canadian problems

canadian problems *irregular verbs* for all those English people out there

Canadian Middle Finger

Funny pictures about When a Canadian gets angry. Oh, and cool pics about When a Canadian gets angry. Also, When a Canadian gets angry.


Meanwhile in Canada.When the American government shuts down and I’m just sitting up here with all this stuff and my free healthcare.