Annita MacLeod

Annita MacLeod

Annita MacLeod
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15 Natural Ways to Brighter Whiter Teeth

Yellow teeth are never a pleasant sight, especially when there’s a camera around! And whether yours are less than bright from smoking, too much coffee, a fancy for red wine, or.

Gifted Mathematics: Slicing a Triangular Prism: Upper Secondary Mathematics Competition Question

Below is a diagram of a regular triangular prism. Triangles ABC and DEF are equilateral and parallel to each other. A cut is made that sl.

Regents Prep Center: Includes overview of key ideas & practice test questions broken down by region and theme

The Regents Prep website included lesson and practice on mathematics topics that are taught from Algebra to Trigonometry. The site allows the students to take online quizzes and then provides the correct answers.

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FREE List of Report Card Comments~ We all have our own list, but this one offers fresh, tactful wording and comments specific to different subjects. Great for adding some variety to your report card comments!