Grow Your Own Food

Learning how to grow your own food to feed your family for a year - in a backyard garden, container garden, or on your beginner homestead.
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lettuce growing in a bowl with text overlay how to grow food from veggie scraps
How to Grow Food from Scraps
How to Grow Food from Scraps - An Off Grid Life
radishes and greens with the title 8 ways to eat radishes and radish greens
How to Eat Radishes & Radish Greens Recipes: Homestead Living
How to Eat Radishes & Radish Greens Recipes: Homestead Living - Spring is a great time to explore new seasonal foods, and radishes are a great way to start! Radishes are not only healthy and delicious, but they are a very versatile veggie, easy to grow and ready to eat in just a few weeks. Learn some creative and tasty recipes to make with radishes and their fresh, spicy greens, like roasted radishes, radish leaf pesto, and much more. We'll show you 8 ways to eat radishes!
the garden and composting guide for beginners to grow plants in their own yard
26 of the Best Educational Articles about Gardening and Composting
Gardening and Composting: 21 posts that cover everything from edible weeds to biosolid compost.
Fresh, ripe blackberries being harvested from a blackberry bush. A hand holding one fresh ripe purple blackberry in summer. How To Grow Blackberries, Growing Blackberries, Growing Fruit, Growing Herbs, Growing Seeds, Growing Plants
How to Grow Blackberries from Cuttings & Seed
How to Grow Blackberries from Cuttings & Seed - Want to know how to plant blackberry bushes or blackberry planting ideas? Here's your ultimate guide to everything blackberry! Learn all about growing blackberries from seed and cuttings in containers and pots, or on a trellis or fence. Plus a few of my favorite easy, tips for growing berries, easy & healthy blackberry recipes, and blackberry plant care.
a collage of photos with text that reads learn how to become a producer not a consumer
Learn to Become a Producer, Not a Consumer
Learn to be a Producer not a Consumer How did we do it? Let me tell you it didn’t happen overnight and it’s been seven years in the making but step by step we have slowly taken back control of our own life. And you know what? You can too if you just start! #selfsufficent #homesteading #homesteadlife #simpleliving
garden hacks for growing grapes from cuttings to picking them in the fall and winter
How to root grape cuttings the easy way | The Upcycled Family
How to grow grape vines from cuttings. Would you like to propagate grapes from a healthy grapevine? It’s really just about one of the easiest plants to propagate and produce many more grapevines. #grapevines #cuttings #garden #howto #victorygarden #homestead #growing #rooting #growyourownfood
the free companion planting chart is shown in green and black with text that reads,
Companion Planting Chart | Free Printable Garden Companion Planting Guide
Come learn everything you need to know about companion planting for an organic garden, including a free printable companion planting guide for vegetables, flowers and herbs. It tells you what plants grow well together, and which shouldn't be planted next to each other in your garden or raised beds. This companion plant guide will help with your garden layout planning this spring. Benefits include attracting pollinators, deterring pests, and growing larger, healthier, more productive plants!
the ultimate seed saving encyclopedia printable seed packet
The Beginner's Guide to Seed Saving
Unlock the wisdom of seed-saving for a garden that thrives year after year. From the simplest techniques to the more advanced, this guide breaks everything down for you.
the five steps to designing your edible landscape are shown in three circles with text on each side
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Edible Garden — Daily Harvest Designs
Avoid these common edible landscape design mistakes and learn what to do instead! #homestead #backyardgardeningdesign #dailyharvestdesigns
hands holding small tomatoes with the text, the fastest growing vegetables for a quick harvest
The Fastest Growing Vegetables you can Harvest - The Homestead Nurse
Starting your kitchen garden with these fast growing vegetables that be perfect in anyones edible garden. Quick results will motivate you to grow more of your own veggies. Here’s our guide to the best fast growing vegetables!#easygrowingvegetables#beginner gardening#vegetablestogrow
collage of different types of greenhouses Greenhouses, Raised Garden Beds, Greenhouse Gardening, Greenhouse Plans, Herb Gardening, Garden Projects
Different Types of Greenhouses: How to Choose the Best Design for Your Needs
Explore the detail of the different types of greenhouses. 🌿 This in-depth guide takes a deeper look into the varying designs and discusses the pros and cons of each type. We've also found some great plans and design details from local Universities, in case you want to build a DIY greenhouse in your backyard. 👨‍🌾 | #herbgarden #gardening #diy #foodgarden #sustainablelife #homesteading #vegetablegardening
some carrots are laying in the dirt with text reading using burlap to germinate carrots
Step-by-Step Guide to Carrot Gardening with Burlap
Get the lowdown on how to use Burlap for successful carrot gardening. From digging furrows to the ideal time for burlap removal, our detailed guide covers everything you need to know.
several different types of vegetables with text overlay that reads 50 perennial vegetables to plant once & harvest for years
50 Perennial Vegetables to Plant Once & Harvest for Years
Growing perennial vegetables in your garden means you only have to plant them once, but you get to harvest them for years to come. Find out about more than 50 perennial vegetables you can choose from, many cold-hardy down to zone 3 or even colder. | perennial gardening | permaculture gardening | garden hacks | perennial food plants |
how to grow sprouts at home with text overlay that reads, how to grow sprouts at home
How to Grow Sprouts at Home
How to Grow Sprouts at Home - An Off Grid Life
a dirt road with trees and grass in the background text reads, 45 best homestead blogs of 2012
45 Best Homestead Blogs for 2024
45 of the best Homestead blogs for 2024! Is your favourite homesteader blog included in this post? #homesteading #homesteaders