French Grammar Rules: Your Guide to Verb Tenses

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Infographic to sum up how to create a question in French

Complete guide: Ask questions in French

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expressions de lieu - play a treasure hunt game where partners have to describe location to each other to get prize

French leaving cert essay topics 2012 General Introduction of the topic De nos jours. How to Structure A French Essay.

Here’s a list of the best French comics to get you learning French the fun way! For beginners all the way through to advanced language learners. + I shared a list of bilingual webcomics available online, completely free! Yup! Free! Do not hesitate to share

15 Great French Comics to Learn French

For language learners, reading a long text or book can be incredibly scary; it’s a wall of words, making you feel overwhelmed.

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Learn French the Right Way

Get fun and easy French lessons from Talk in French, your go-to website for learning French language and culture.

Isn't this useful! "This is what our teacher taught us on the last day of French class. Did I mention she’s awesome?" // Not actually a school idea (never ever), but it's French so I'm putting it here.

French language, episode 2 : It can also be lovely...

French language, episode 2 : It can also be lovely...

french essentials#1c'est vs il est

Episode 6 – French Essentials#1 – Stop confusing C’est and Il est

PARFAIT pour maternelle/première année! Étiquettes-mots, images et 3 choix pour différentiation!

FRENCH EMERGENT WRITING PROMPTS (Le printemps, L'été) écriture, French Immersion

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Abbreviations sur la toile

French Texting: 20 Must Know And Common Text Message Abbreviations

Educational infographic & data visualisation French texting: 20 must know common text abbreviations. Infographic Description French texting: 20 must know

Watching foreign films or television series are both excellent ways to help you learn French.

The 15 Best TV Series to Learn French for All Levels