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Evil Eye Ornament
Handcrafted glass evil eye wall ornaments for home décor and protection from the evil eye. Our stylish glass nazar amulets look great in any room! These modern evil eye wall beads are the perfect gift for any occasion; wedding, house-warming or birthday. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are affordable and come packed in a jewelry box. #antaquia #evileye #nazar #evileyeprotection #fusedglass #walldecor #nazar #turkishevileye #greekevileye #nazarboncuk # nazarbounjuk
an image of a glass and plate with flowers on the side, next to it
a coffee cup and saucer on a white plate with an ornate design in the middle
a coffee cup and saucer on a plate with leaves flying around the place setting
a blue and white circular object with an evil eye on it's center piece